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Writing improvement technology for multiple business verticals

We at are working on a wide range of AI-product for businesses and retail customers. Our mission is to remove boundaries and give people worldwide better opportunities via improved communication.

We develop our own LLM and communication improvement language, writing automation technology delivered to users via browser extension and web/mobile apps.


Writing AI That Unlocks Revenues


Writing Assistant For Business

Better-shaped content for improved ROI and sales

  • 60%

    US, UK, CAN, AU

  • 40%

    rest of the world

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User onboarding
optimization tool

Create product guides, user manuals, and step-by-step instructions
in minutes for free

  • 20%

    faster user onboarding via visual guides

  • 5 min

    the average time to create and publish a visual guide

  • 17%

    decrease in user requests to support agents

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AI-based Productivity Tool

Our technology helps professionals to write better emails faster

  • 69%

    more emails
    sent daily

  • 30 min

    min saved daily

  • $11.5k

    yearly savings per employee
    thanks to writing automation

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Reshaping clinical communications with AI

PaperlessMD uses our technology to reduce paperwork and email load for physicians

  • 45%

    less time doctors spend on
    paperwork and email

  • 55%

    more RVU doctors provide
    to the clinic

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User geography

  • 60%

    US, UK, CAN, AU

  • 40%

    rest of the world


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